What Is A DDoS Protected VPS?

A Distributed Denial of service can reek havoc on your business. Depending on the industry, it could mean your whole revenue stream is cut until service is restored.

So what is it? A DDoS attack is when thousands of machines all attack the same target.

How can you stop it? You really can’t. The networks that provide you connectivity must take action on your behalf. This would be your, or the Datacenter’s Internet Service Provider.

Don’t be a fool and skip on the DDoS protected service. The best way to take advantage of such service is by getting web hosting that already has implemented protection from distrusted denial of service attacks.

We all know that high-traffic websites required dedicated servers or virtual private servers. The type of websites that uses dedicated servers or VPSes are also the biggest targets of DDoS attacks.

Thus it’s imperative that you get a DDoS protected VPS, one such excellent provider of this is ArticHost.com.

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